The actor previously found himself caught in a storm over Tarantino's last film, Django Unchained, which featured use of the 'n'-word more than 100 times, and The Hateful Eight is drawing further anger over its racial slurs.

However, Jackson is adamant critics just need to accept Tarantino's work as it is and stop questioning his use of language.

"I don't understand the whole craziness about it, or people spending their time sitting in a movie counting the number of times a word is said," he told reporters at a question-and-answer session in New York City this week (beg04Jan16). "(I don't understand) why nobody said anything about it in 12 Years a Slave, when (the n-word) is said, like, 300 times, but nobody said, 'Oh, that's awful in a movie...

"People tend to think Quentin is this pop artist that has this affectation, or, as some critics have written, juvenile obsession with the word... All of a sudden, when you're sitting in a theatre, it's like, 'How many times do I have to hear this?' As many times as the character says it! If you don't like the story... leave the movie."

The Hateful Eight marks Jackson's sixth collaboration with Tarantino.