Resurrecting the Champ, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Josh Hartnett is receiving some knock-out reviews. Roger Ebert's in the Chicago Sun-Times is as intriguing as he finds the movie. "There are developments in this movie that I don't want to hint at, especially since they surprised me, and you should have the same pleasure," he writes. "They call into question, let us say, people's motives for doing things, and what happens when two people have the misfortune to find that their motives are a good fit." Kevin Crust in the Los Angeles Times comments that the movie "delivers a heckuva story marred by some credibility problems but lands the majority of its punches via subtly powerful performances and a moving undercard of paternal connection." But Joanne Kaufman remarks in the Wall Street Journal that the movie "doesn't pack much of a wallop." And Stephen Hunter in the Washington Post dismisses it as "a three-hankie male weeper, full of fuzzy-wuzzy issues."