PULP FICTION star Samuel L Jackson was forced to relive his first ever TV commercial last night (06SEP05), after comedian Jay Leno paid "thousands" of dollars to track it down.

Jackson appeared on Leno's chat show to promote his new movie The Man, when the funnyman - notorious for digging up stars' old works - proudly unveiled the actor's ad for Crystal Hamburgers.

Leno told Jackson, "I found something that I've been looking for easily (for) 10 years, really hard the last six years... The quality of this is so poor but it cost me thousands. I said to the guy, 'I don't care how much it costs, just send it to me.'

After watching the black-and-white commercial twice, Jackson admitted, "That commercial validated my being an actor to my mom and all her friends, 'cause all those years I was gone, I was doing theatre, they'd go, 'You say you're an actor, well why don't you go apply for one of those jobs on a soap opera?' Like you could just go and make an application or something!

"And then when this came on, my mom's phone blew up"