Samuel L Jackson was so frustrated while studying at Georgia's exclusive Morehouse college, he experimented with acid in a bid to beat his boredom. The PULP FICTION star fought against the highbrow all-black establishment. He says, "Being in Morehouse was oppressive. "MARTIN LUTHER KING JR was an alumnus and they were trying to create a certain kind of black person - the 'creme de la creme' of blacks. "There was something in me that said, that's not who I am. I was not seeking to be accepted as an ordinary individual in society. "I was looking to be exceptional. I wanted to be an adventurer. I was Burt Lancaster in THE CRIMSON PIRATE. You don't get to be that by being a complacent negro. "Taking drugs was part of that because the majority of youngsters I knew wouldn't take hallucinogenics. I fell in love with acid."