LATEST: Samuel L Jackson has blasted a Fox News reporter for putting his credibility as an actor at stake by claiming the PULP FICTION star lets family members and friends fill out his Oscar ballot.

In a piece about Jackson, a Fox News man quoted the actor admitting he lets his maid and cook vote on the Oscars - because they watch more movies that he does.

Horrified Jackson, a member of the Academy, insists he has been misquoted, stating, "I've had so much trouble because this irresponsible reporter said that I let the maid vote and the nanny. I don't even have a nanny.

"I actually do my own voting and I do solicit (actress wife) LATANYA's opinion, but it's my 'x' that's on that ballot."

The actor can't wait to meet up with the reporter who wrote the article about him - because he plans to give him a good talking to.

He adds, "I've even been reprimanded by the Academy about what that reporter said... I got smacked on the wrist."