Samuel L Jackson fears he's getting too old to play the samurai swordmaster role he has always dreamed of.

For years the PULP FICTION star has been trying to develop a movie, AFRO-SAMURAI, in which he'll play a swashbuckling action man - but he worries his ageing body won't cope with some of the stunts.

He says, "I'm actually having those kind of thoughts now about (that) project, the longer it takes to come along - 'Do I really want to get in shape to do that? Or do I want to let somebody else do it?'

"You've got to be honest with yourself about where you are and what you're doing.

"I've wanted to do a sword epic since I was a kid, from the Errol Flynn days. There are older masters that do that kind of stuff, but that's not who this character is."