Actor Samuel L Jackson risks losing his membership of the Academy Of Motion Pictures, Arts And Sciences (AMPAS) after confessing he lets his family fill out his Academy Award nominations form.

The Pulp Fiction actor is among an elite group invited to choose the winners of the most prestigious prize in the awards calendar.

However, Jackson admits he has grown bored of the process and leaves his Oscar screener DVDs and forms lying around his home for others to choose their favourite actors and films.

He tells Fox News reporter BILL McCUDDY, "The maid has watched them (the nominees), the cook's probably watched a lot of them, the nanny has too. And they go by and put their check marks down on the ballot because they know you're not going to do it. And then the assistant goes by - 'Oh, it's time for the ballot to go in. Oh, he hasn't filled this in. (Checking boxes) I like this, I like this,' and they send it in.

"I generally go down the ballot and look and see if any of my friends are nominated and I vote for them. Then I leave the ballot there for my wife to vote for all the other films that she watched that I knew I wasn't gonna watch, like the chick flicks or the flicks that I thought were gonna put me to sleep. I trust her opinion. And then we send the ballot in."