PULP FICTION star Samuel L Jackson left one of his famous pals infuriated, after sneaking out of her wedding reception to attend a boxing match.

The Hollywood actor was one of many celebrities - including Natalie Cole, Vivica A Fox and Senator HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON in attendance at American TV personality Star Jones' wedding to banker Al Reynolds on 13 November (04).

But rather than stick around for the dinner after the ceremony, Jackson and baseball star Dave Winfield made their way to Madison Square Garden to enjoy two heavyweight bouts, returning in time to hit the dancefloor for the last two hours of the reception.

Jackson, whose wife LaTanya Richardson was a bridesmaid at the wedding, says, "I didn't get a Christmas gift because I left and went to the fight. My wife got a gift, I didn't get anything - and I was told that's why I didn't get anything."

Jackson adds that Donald Trump, also a guest at the wedding, had planned to meet them, but didn't make it, while comedian Chris Rock had a few observations about the ceremony.

He says, "Chris Rock and I were sitting there watching the wedding... and observing the fact that guys are only interested in two weddings in their lives; yours and your daughter's. The rest of 'em are kinda intrusions in your life."

11/01/2005 21:16