Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson collects action figures of characters he has played on the big screen.

The PULP FICTION star always makes sure he gets hold of every action figure made in his likeness.

He says, "They're in my office, in different places. I have a FROZONE doll (from The Incredibles) on my desk that looks down on me as I'm working on the computer.

"It was done from me doing my voiceover stuff, so it looks a lot like me.

"I've got a SHAFT doll that totally looks like me that's over in the corner looking over at the MACE WINDU (Star Wars) doll. The first Mace Windu doll didn't look like me at all. Now they look a lot more like me because GEORGE (LUCAS) actually scanned all of them which means if he really wanted to make another movie 20 years later he could use my digital image.

"I actually found some Pulp Fiction characters in a novelty store in Canada.

"I remember way back when I was in Jurassic Park and everybody had an action figure but me and Wayne Knight (DENNIS NEDRY). I was kind of bummed, but now I'm OK."

18/04/2005 03:14