Rocker Sammy Hagar has blasted former Van Halen bandmate EDDIE VAN HALEN for "wasting his life" and not making the most of his talents.

Hagar, who fell out with the group a decade ago and was replaced by former EXTREME star GARY CHERONE, is disappointed that Van Halen is no more.

Hagar says, "Eddie has lost touch, otherwise he'd be playing music.

"I mean the guy is a great musician. Not only does he play unbelievable guitar, he plays unbelievable keyboards of any kind.

"But the guy hasn't played music for I don't know how long. Something is really wrong. But yes, I'm really down on Eddie for wasting his life. I mean, maybe I don't know everything, but to me, you're a musician, you're a famous and great one. And your fans have been so loyal to you, you have to at least go and give a little bit."

Van Halen recently split from his wife, actress Valerie Bertinelli, and recovered from tongue cancer.

08/09/2003 21:16