America's greatest black entertainer Sammy Davis Jr was only interested in bedding white women and thought himself hopelessly ugly.

A new biography by author WIL HAYWOOD titled IN BLACK AND WHITE: THE LIFE OF SAMMY DAVIS JR revealed that the first love of his life was a blonde dancer called Helen Gallagher.

Gallagher says, "He so wanted to be white. I think he thought he would be accepted more."

The couple bravely talked of marriage but the political situation in segregated 50s America meant their love affair had to be kept secret and they split up.

Gallagher says, "We probably would have made it, had it been a different time."

The book also reveals that for Sammy, being caressed by a white woman was the ultimate status symbol and he had his bed made up with black sheets because he adored "that white girl on black sheet thing".

01/08/2004 10:42