Samira Wiley wanted her wedding dress to be a ''real fashion moment''.

The 'Orange Is The New Black' star tied the knot with Lauren Morelli in Palm Springs over the weekend and turned to her good friend Christian Siriano to design the perfect gown for her to walk down the aisle in.

He revealed: ''Having spent years in an orange jumpsuit, Samira really wanted to have her fairytale wedding moment and therefore opted for a more traditional look. But we modernised [it] by making it two pieces so she could change into a simpler skirt later into the evening ...

''Samira's look was the first one she tried on and then we customised it for her. wasn't given any details on the wedding prior so there was no part of the [funfetti] theme in the design. They wanted it to be a real fashion moment, which I think we accomplished. They're strong women who know what they like, which is always helpful.''

And Christian was also happy to work on Lauren's outfit, which was a ''play on masculinity''.

He added: ''In contrast, Lauren wanted something more tailored and a play on masculinity, but we kept it feminine with the crystal beaded pearl. She wanted to feel regal and elegant.''

Christian was thrilled he got a chance to design the couple's wedding outfits and says it was a ''no-brainer'' for him to work on the outfits because he knows exactly what Samira likes.

He told People Style: ''Samira and I have been friends for years. I've dressed her for many award shows and I know what she likes so when they became engaged and asked me it was a no-brainer ...

''Their wedding was gorgeous and I was honoured to be a part of it. They're perfect for each other!''