Samantha Womack, the British actress and former Eastenders star, was left confused by the conclusion of Who Wants to be a Millionaire on Sunday (March 18, 2012) when she appeared with her mother Diane to win money for their charity of choice. Womack was competing in a special one-off Mother's Day version of the show, but was left bewildered when the siren sounded to signal the end of the show.
Usually this would mean that the contestant would come back the following night and begin from where they left off, but because the live special was a one-off, Womack had to settle with the five-thousand pound that she and her mother had accumulated. As the siren sounded, Womack was heard to say "What does that mean?", with host Chris Tarrant saying, "Well, you know what that means, it means we've basically run out of time". The actress still appeared to be confused, asking, "The whole show?", with Tarrant confirming "Yes". Womack yelled, "What?!" as the host told the audience, "Well, Samantha and Di have won five thousand pounds". Other contestants to feature on the show included Coronation Street actor Anthony Cotton and his mum Enid, and Benidorm actor Steve Pemberton and his mother Margaret.Alesha="" dixon="" david="" walliams="" join="" his="" team.="">