Irish singer/actress Samantha Mumba has teamed up with legendary music promoter HARVEY GOLDSMITH to resurrect her pop career. After a series of hit singles in Europe and the US in 2001, Mumba's second album WOMAN was withdrawn for scheduled release by her record label Polydor after her singles sales dropped dramatically. Concert supremo Goldsmith is now managing Mumba's comeback to the charts as part of the reality TV show GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER WITH HARVEY GOLDSMITH, which starts on Britain's Channel 4 tomorrow (27MAR07). Goldsmith admits he and Mumba started off badly when filming began six months ago, declaring he thought her attitude was terrible. He says, "The Irish singer may have got away with this behaviour when she was selling millions of records in Europe and America, but that was five years ago. "Samantha's main problem when I met her last September was her attitude... Her second album was a flop, she lost interest in music and moved to LA with her mother and family. "But my best friend now is Samantha Mumba. After a long battle, we get on like a house on fire and she's serious about her music. Her new career stands a real chance of success, but even better than that, she's never late for our meetings."