Samantha Morton has revealed that worldwide fame was never something that interested her as an actress.

The Oscar-nominee, speaking on behalf of the World of Difference charity campaign, has explained that while actresses such as Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller may combine their profession with a great deal of publicity, she chose at an early age to remain out of the limelight.

"I think that someone like Keira Knightley is successful not only for her work, but for the type of area that the media have placed her in," she told

"And I think there's a level of commitment that goes with that type of profile and very, very early on, I decided that I couldn't cope with that type of pressure.

"I wanted to go travelling for a year, and I wanted to work for charities and I wanted to have children very young - I had my daughter when I was 22 - and in order to do those things, you can't have one and the other."

She added: "You can't be a Hollywood movie star and have the other things at that age. I just made a decision early on to do other things."

The Control star is backing the World of Difference campaign, commissioned by the Vodafone Group Foundation, which will give four workers the chance to give up their job for a year to work for a charity of their choice and be paid up to £25,000.

Research carried out by the Vodafone Group has found that around six million workers in the UK experience extreme dissatisfaction in their jobs on a daily basis.

But with the World of Difference campaign, four Britons could find fulfilment through their work while helping a worthy cause.

15/07/2008 00:01:01