Samantha Morton finds it ''very hard'' to be a working mother.

The actress-and-director has two daughters, Esme, 12, and four-year-old Edie, and she admits it can be struggle balancing her career and home life.

She said: ''I find it very hard being a working mother Not being a mother, but being a working mother. But I love working and I love being a mum. I'm the kind of person who will still do the things that others might get someone else to do: I want my kids to see me putting the breakfast on the table and doing their laundry. So I do tire myself out that way.''

The Oscar-nominated star also revealed how her eldest daughter recently asked to go to boarding school and says she was very proud of Esme for making such a tough decision.

The 'John Carter' actress told the Independent on Sunday newspaper: ''Not that long ago my eldest daughter said she wanted to go to boarding school because she missed her friends. So she now goes to boarding school. And she's absolutely in her element because she has consistency with her friends. I thought it was a very brave, bold choice of hers to make.''