Samantha Morton has lent her support to a campaign to help disenchanted workers give something back through charity work.

The Oscar-nominated actress is backing the World of Difference campaign, commissioned by the Vodafone Group Foundation, which will give four workers the chance to give up their job for a year to work for a charity of their choice and be paid up to £25,000.

Research carried out by the Vodafone Group has found that around six million workers in the UK experience extreme dissatisfaction in their jobs on a daily basis.

But with the World of Difference campaign, four Britons could find fulfilment through their work while helping a worthy cause.

Morton recently spent a day making a world of difference to her favourite charity A National Voice, a charity run by and for young people who are in or leaving care.

"I feel really passionate about helping children and young people who are in the care system," she explained, having spent time in care during her own childhood.

"I support A National Voice as it aims to make positive changes to the Care System in the UK and gives a voice to those being cared for.

She added: "The World of Difference project gives people the opportunity to work with their own favourite charity - I've seen first hand what a difference an extra pair of hands can make."

Applications for the World of Difference campaign can be submitted at before the closing date of July 31st.

11/07/2008 00:01:01