OSCAR-nominee Samantha Morton is already dreading the glitzy ceremony - because it's like a cattle market.

The In America actress - who was previously nominated for her role in Woody Allen's SWEET AND LOWDOWN - had a bad experience at the 1999 ceremony and refuses to get too excited about this year's (04) festivities.

She explains, "Award ceremonies are odd. Last time I went to the Oscars I couldn't get in. We forgot our tickets. If you don't have your ticket you can't get in; it's a meat market.

"I don't know if you know anything about farming, but it's like when people take their prize cows to market. They go 'rarararara'. You've got a guy shouting, and you've got about a million press people there."

British Morton was also left cold by the lifestyle in Los Angeles. She adds, "I was bored."

10/02/2004 17:20