British actress Samantha Morton has vowed to boycott the BBC if network bosses refuse to broadcast an emergency appeal calling for help in the Gaza Strip. The Golden Globe winner is among a number of U.K. celebrities to voice their disdain at the BBC's decision not to air the advertisement for the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).
Over a million residents of the region have been caught up in the recent Israeli attacks on the Palestinian-held Gaza strip.
And Morton, who starred in BBC drama Longford, admits she is "embarrassed" to be associated with a corporation that would make such a "disgusting" decision.
She says, "I'm shocked and appalled. I've worked for the BBC since I was a small child. As a public service they've got it very wrong. I'm not as articulate about this as I would like to be because I'm so appalled.
"I will never work for the BBC again unless they change their mind. It's very, very wrong. It's not a political message. It's about raising money for children who are dying.
"I'm proud to have worked for the BBC; I'm proud to be British; I'm proud we even have the BBC.
"But I need them to explain this decision. I reserve the right never to work for that company again if I feel that I'm too embarrassed to support them or earn money from them."