Actress Samantha Morton has slammed the luxurious conditions in which paedophiles are kept in British prisons, claiming sex offenders enjoy a better standard of living than children who grow up in care homes. The Minority Report star, who lived in foster care until she was 16, visited Wymott Prison in Preston, northern England while filming her latest role as notorious British murderer MYRA HINDLEY. She was shocked to find a wing of the prison where "each room had portable tellys (and) Sky TV" and the kitchens were "amazing". She says, "Other prisoners get treated abominably but this new wing was totally fantastic with all mod cons. "I said, 'Who are they?' and they said, 'Oh they're the paedophiles.' I felt cold all over. "I spent my whole life in care until I was 16. The way they threat children's homes is appalling, yet these paedophiles have Sky telly. That shocked me."