Actress Samantha Morton has slammed Hollywood movie chiefs for deeming her "not beautiful" - because their shallow views are costing her film parts.

The OSCAR-nominated Brit was left fuming recently when she was refused a leading role in MONTY PYTHON star Terry Gilliam's new movie, because her arms were "too big".

And the screen star admits it's not the first time studio bosses have criticised her appearance.

She says, "I've had it so many times. My forehead's too big, I'm too European looking. You're waiting for someone to say you're all right.

"Certain people won't hire me because they say I'm not beautiful. I know that's not true. You can say I don't look like so-and-so, whoever you're into at the moment, but it's stupid to say someone's not attractive."

18/09/2003 14:05