Sam Worthington's life flashed before his eyes while he was filming new thriller Man On A Ledge in New York - because he repeatedly fell from a skyscraper.
The Avatar star, who plays a desperate former cop-turned-conman in the movie, spent long periods teetering above Manhattan.
Worthington was fitted with a safety harness but insisted on wearing it loose - and he often forgot he wasn't in danger when he accidentally slipped off the ledge.
The Aussie actor tells, "I always put my trust in the stunt co-ordinator, without question. And I know there's a safety line on me.
"My only thing was I didn't want to feel it, I didn't want to ever know that I've got it on because otherwise I'm just going to be thinking about the line all the time. And every now and then when I did slip or fall over or trip off it clicked into place but for that brief second you're like, 'Oh! There you go,' and life flashes before your eyes before it clicks.
"I had it real slack, so it was just for a precaution because in the end you do get a bit comfortable up there. It was just when you got cocky you needed to rely on it."