'The Hunger Games' storms on at the top of the U.S. Box Office, with the hugely hyped sci-fi fantasy film raking in another $61.1 million to put it comfortably ahead of second place film 'Wrath of The Titans,' starring Sam Worthington. Following months of anticipation, 'The Hunger Games' - which stars Jennifer Lawrence, WOODY HARRELSON AND LENNY KRAVITZ among others - was released to huge critical acclaim on March 23rd. Raking in over $155 million on its opening weekend was sufficient to rank it as the third highest debuting film of all time in the States, behind only the final 'Harry Potter' movie and Batman flick 'The Dark Knight,' released in 2008.

The Press Association reports that a second week at the top for 'The Hunger Games' now means its made over $215 million stateside, whilst the film added another $34.8 million to its total overseas takings that pushed its earnings abroad to $113.9 million and $365 million worldwide. It's headed to net over $300 million Stateside, something only three of the Potters films have achieved and only one of the 'Twilight Saga' series. It's already shot past Dr Seuss' 'Lorax' as the top-grossing film this year.

Worthington's 'Wrath Of The Titans' grossed a respectable $34.2 million, whilst in third place was the Julia Roberts-starring 'Snow White' adaptation 'Mirror Mirror,' taking $19 million.