Sam Worthington thinks he could hit on girls with the two words of German he knows.

Despite his latest film, 'The Debt', being set in 60s Berlin and him having a number of lines in the foreign language, the vocabulary didn't sink in with the actor, but he may use the little he knows when talking to women.

He said: "'Der haus' for 'The house' is all I can remember. That's it, that's all I know. I suppose that might get me somewhere with a chick!"

Sam, 35, also admitted he didn't even understand a lot of The Lines as he was delivering them in the film, and German was much harder to speak than the fictional language of the Na'vi characters in his previous film 'Avatar'.

He added: "German was harder, because I had no idea what I was saying. In the end I had to say to [director] John Madden, 'Just write it on a bit of paper, I'll say it and I don't give a f**k what it means'. If you ask me now what half of it meant, I couldn't tell you."