Sam Worthington's girlfriend doesn't work so she can accompany him everywhere.

The 'Man on a Ledge' star split from stylist Natalie Mark in 2011 after almost three years together and he revealed his latest girlfriend Crystal Humphries is unemployed so that he has a constant companion as he travels the world for work.

He told Seven magazine: "She hangs out with me, she doesn't need a job. I think I'm still a very difficult person to live with, because my motor's always running but as you get older you try to slow down and live life at a calmer pace.

"My lifestyle is extremely weird so if you can be with a girl and have a level of normalcy, then constantly being on the move doing this kind of thing seems like a holiday adventure."

Although Sam, 35, is from Perth, Australia, he has recently put down Roots in Hawaii by buying a home because his dog needed somewhere to live.

He explained: "I got a place. I got a dog - a King Charles spaniel called Bacon that I got in England - so the dog needed a home. I love Hawaii, it's sunny and beautiful and beachy. I like the lifestyle, the people and the culture. There I'm known as 'the dude who lives up the road who has good coconut trees and a funny dog'."