Director Sam Taylor Wood is relieved John Lennon's wife Yoko Ono liked her new film about the late beatle - because the moviemaker was terrified of her reaction.
The former artist wanted to use Lennon's song Mother at the end of Nowhere Boy, which tells the story of the star's formative years in Liverpool, England.
But Taylor Wood needed Ono to grant her the rights to use the track and had to show her the film to get approval - and the director admits she was wracked with nerves over Ono's reaction.
She tells Digital Spy, "It was frightening. I had this total and utter blind belief that we would get the rights to that song. We couldn't get it until Yoko had seen the film, she had to approve it, so I didn't know if she'd even want to see it. There was a lot at play.
"She sat down and watched it and it was a nail-biting couple of hours and she immediately was on the phone and emailing after saying how much she loved it and that we'd really done good by John. For her to say that meant more to me on a personal level.
"She lived with him and loved him. She's fiercely protective of him, rightly so. Her giving us that song was the biggest endorsement I could have hoped for. She took Sean Lennon to see it as well, she's seen it twice now!"