Sam Smith wants a baby.

The 'Too Good at Goodbyes' hitmaker has been dating his boyfriend Brandon Flynn since last year and, although they're just enjoying their relationship at the moment, the 25-year-old singer would love to become a father one day.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he said: ''I want a baby one day, it's always been a dream, but next stop is getting a dog -- a rescue dog.''

And, although his music career means the couple are often apart for long periods at a time, Sam is grateful that the '13 Reasons Why' actor, 24, ''understands'' his lifestyle.

He explained: ''Just like any relationship, it's important to have someone who understands your life.

''We are opposites but also similar in many ways and it is nice to have someone who understands -- especially with the travelling. I have a house in LA and am all over the place. It's great, we are young and it's good to travel.''

Some of Sam's best hits have been heartbreak ballads, but he's implied his music will change now that he's happy.

He said: ''I refuse to write anything that's not honest, I don't want to write something fake. It's going to be interesting. I started to write a bit of music in Japan recently and am going to be writing a bit tomorrow, I am feeling inspired.''

And the star believes his mind works better when he's sober.

He added: ''I've been completely off the booze for three weeks now. I never want to make promises but being sober is something I'm interested in.

''When I don't drink and I'm not smoking cigarettes, when I'm completely clean, I feel so focused and happy.

''I don't see myself drinking for the rest of the year because of the tour. I am more fun when off the booze -- it's nice. I am enjoying it now and we will see how it goes.''