Sam Smith is haunted by ghosts of nuns walking up the stairs in his house ''every night''.

The 'Promises' hitmaker insists his North London home, which was an old school, is ''haunted for sure'', so much so he is spooked out on a regular basis by noises coming from his stairs, and his sister can ''feel someone watching her'' in the creepy abode.

He said: ''I hear s**t, every night.

''Basically this whole building was an old school, called Lyon House.

''And it's split into five different houses now. I think this was like the nuns' quarters, haunted for sure.

''I hear people walking up the stairs.

''My sister feels ... it's pretty weird sister sleeps in there and she says she can feel someone watching her sometimes.''

While Sam has been spooked out by his sibling's eerie experiences in his house, he is pleased she is living with him, following his split from Brandon Flynn.

Speaking on Apple's Beats 1, he added: ''My sister moved in, she just came out of uni. So it's amazing because it's not about me all the time.

''I come home from the studio, some of my family have gone through break-ups this year and this house has been like a healing house in a way for us.''

Sam and the '13 Reasons Why' actor went their separate ways in June after eight months of dating, but the 26-year-old singer recently praised the 25-year-old star as ''wonderful''.

Speaking last month, Sam said: ''Brandon was wonderful.

''I'm still trying to figure out what I took from that relationship and what it meant to me. It's still quite raw. All my relationships have ended in a nice way, never nasty.''