Sam Smith's next album will consist of ''happy'' love songs.

The 'Stay With Me' singer is associated with writing tear-inducing songs about heartache, but after digging ''deep'' on his second record, 'The Thrill Of It All', he says he's ready to pen more uplifting and upbeat music about being in love with his boyfriend - '13 Reasons Why' actor Brandon Flynn.

Revealing that he's already started putting ideas together for this third record, Sam told George Ezra on his 'George Ezra & Friends' podcast: ''My next album won't be sad. I've got an idea of how I want it to be.

''Sad to me is the wrong word. They are reflective.

''It's not sad because they give me so much happiness. I think this record did deep, maybe a bit too deep for me at times. I want to force myself to be a little bit happier.

''I'm in love with someone who loves me back and it's really hopeful.

''I'm going to write about it and I am, I already have recently. ''

However, the 'Too Good At Goodbyes' hitmaker admits it won't be any easy task writing happy songs.

He added: ''I don't listen to a lot of happy love songs so it's trying to find interesting ways to say I love you.''

The 25-year-old star has been trying to give his fans a more ''uplifting'' experience on his current tour.

Admitting he is famous for his ''depressing'' music, Sam told his audience at London's The O2 arena recently: ''I've tried really hard to make this show uplifting because I know my music can be f***ing depressing! I want you to leave here feeling uplifted. Life is so emotional, just today I've been through a hundred different emotions, but I want you to forget about all the tough things for the next two hours and go on a journey with me. I want you to sing along to every song, and even if you don't know the words will you pretend you know the words? I want you to dance when I tell you to dance.''