Sam Smith is ''great'' at one night stands -but used to be ''awful'' at them.

The 25-year-old singer - who is currently dating American actor Brandon Flynn - has admitted he never used to perform very well in the bedroom, but he believes he has since perfected his technique and impresses his lovers when they enjoy a steamy sex session.

Asked about how he fairs during a one night stand on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke segment on 'The Late Late Show', the 'Stay With Me' hitmaker bragged: ''I used to be awful, now I'm great. Now I've got it down, flip the hair.''

And Sam has revealed he wants to have a funeral for his ''single self'' before he gets married, which will see him burst out of a coffin to start the wedding day as his favourite band Fifth Harmony perform.

He explained: ''I want a funeral for my single self before my wedding. I'm in a coffin and then there's all these PowerPoint presentations about my single life and how fun it was. And then I raise from the coffin and everyone takes off their clothes off and are wearing white underneath and my wedding begins. Fifth Harmony come out. [My husband] he is going to love it.

''When I hear them I feel free. I feel alive, I feel like the woman in me is on fire. 'Work From Home' I listen to it every time before I go out. I think it's my wedding song, I want to walk down the aisle to it in heels. I'd love it if I got Fifth Harmony at my wedding, and my husband was just waiting for me.''

Meanwhile, the 'Stay With Me' hitmaker admits he's not as innocent as he makes out as he once bunked off school in favour of going to a Lady Gaga concert, although he got caught out and was put in detention for ''three days''.

Speaking about his younger days, he said: ''I got put in a unit for three days all day. That's when all day you are put in a classroom and a teacher has to walk with you to the canteen. I forged a letter from my dad on the library computer and then I forgot to log out of my user and the librarian just saw the Microsoft Word document, and then called my dad. The excuse wasn't good because I said I was going to a funeral.''