Sam Smith has confirmed he is in a relationship.

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter was seen locking lips with '13 Reasons Why' actor Brandon Flynn in New York recently and Sam has now admitted that he is loved up.

When chat show host Ellen DeGeneres said to him during an interview: ''You're not single right now anymore, right?'', Sam replied, ''No, I'm not, which is crazy. It's weird bringing out an album and not being single. Because when I brought out 'In the Lonely Hour' I was so lonely. But now I'm singing songs about another guy, I'm quite happy, so it's quite weird.''

The pair have also spotted grabbing dinner together at Catch NYC and enjoying the sights and sounds of the Big Apple earlier this month.

Sam and Brandon, 23, held hands and enjoyed the sunshine as they walked around Greenwich Village.

The duo have also recently been liking each other's posts on social media, with Sam leaving a kiss underneath one of Brandon's posts which spoke out in support of the LGBTQ community.

Sam also opened up about his controversial Academy Awards acceptance speech for Best Original Song in 2016, when he mistakenly suggested he was the first gay Oscar winner.

Speaking about his decision to take some time out of the spotlight afterwards, he said: ''It all got a bit too much. After the Oscar I just really needed to hug my mom and just be with my sisters and go back home. A lot of mom snuggles.

''It all started with a hip flask basically, of tequila. I forgot to say 'Best Male Actor.' I basically said that I was the first gay person to ever win an Oscar. I obviously know I'm not. Afterward I saw Elton John at the after-party and he was like, 'I've won an Oscar.'''