Sam Smith ''shows more of himself'' on his new album than his last.

The 'Stay With Me' hitmaker has been able to really open up about his personal life on his second record - the follow-up to 2014's hugely successful 'In The Lonely Hour' - and hasn't held anything back.

He explained: ''I feel rawer in it. I feel like I'm actually showing more of myself.

'''In The Lonely Hour' is like a gin & tonic with your friends, and this album is like a whiskey, late night, by yourself.''

Not only does the 25-year-old singer talk about relationships, but he has also penned lyrics about his family and his views of the world around him.

And Sam admits he'll probably never write a ''happy'' record.

He told iHeartRadio: ''I feel like I've grown as a songwriter. I've really tried to push myself, and not just write songs that are about me and my relationships.

''They're about my family, and I've spoken a bit about the world and my views on that.

''Every single song on this album is a little short story. It's a heartfelt, it's not the happiest album, I'm never gonna write the happiest album, I'm never gonna write the happiest music, because what's the fun in that?''

Sam - who made his comeback last week with lead single 'Too Good at Goodbyes' - hopes people won't ask too many questions about the content of his songs though, as he thinks being ''really personal'' means all the information is in the lyrics.

He said: ''My views on that is I feel that if I'm being really personal then hopefully I won't have to say anything other than that. You've just got to listen to the music.''

And Sam won' be telling people if a song on the album is about them, as he doesn't want to ''give them the air time''.

He said: ''Do you know what? First album, it was different because it was about one person. This album, each song is about someone ... not someone different, but like four or five songs are about one guy, and then there's other songs about different people in my life, not actually about me. But no, I won't be telling the person who it's about. I don't want to give them the air time, really.''