Sam Rockwell said playing Officer Jason Dixon in 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' is one of the ''greatest parts'' he's ever had.

The 49-year-old actor - who won the BAFTA for Supporting Actor for his role as the racist police officer in the Martin Mcdonagh movie admitted he felt like ''Frankenstein's monster'' was created while filming.

Speaking backstage at the ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall, London, on Sunday (18.02.18), Rockwell said: ''This is certainly one of the greatest parts I've ever had, it compares to some stuff I've done on stage maybe.

''I've done a lot of great parts, and Martin created a Frankenstein's monster of acting in this part.''

'Three Billboards...' has received critical acclaim and won the prestigious Best Picture at the award ceremony, and Rockwell has some ideas of what happen to his character and Mildred - played by Frances McDormand - at the end of the movie.

He said: ''He has a lot of work to do even at the end of the movie.

''Dixon and Mildred probably need a lot of therapy. I don't think they are quite done, it's a beautifully challenging role.

''I think they probably went to a pub to get some liquid courage and ended up making out.''

Rockwell donned a Time's Up pin on his tuxedo and spoke on why the campaign for gender equality was important to him.

He told reporters: ''I think it's important to represent this movement and try to listen if people are trying to be heard.

''I think it's respectful and I want to support that, I have a lot amazing women in my life.''

Rockwell stars alongside McDormand, Woody Harrelson and Peter Dinklage in the movie.