Sam Riley says the cast of 'Free Fire' were ''deafened'' by the gunfire on set.

The 37-year-old actor stars in Ben Wheatley's upcoming action film 'Free Fire' alongside Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy and Noah Taylor and he admits the various shoot-out scenes left the cast with ringing in their ears.

In an interview with Metro newspaper, Riley said: ''It was a filthy environment ... The whole film is more or less a shoot-out in a warehouse. Plus we were all deaf by the end of it.''

Set in Boston in 1978, 'Free Fire' sees two gangs arrange to meet up in a deserted warehouse but their attempts at conducting an arms deal descend in a gunfight that takes place over one night.

Riley can currently be seen in new BBC drama series 'SS-GB' which is set in the UK in 1941 in a alternative reality in which the Nazis win the Battle of Britain and have an occupying force in the country.

His breakout role was playing late Joy Division singer Ian Curtis in 2007 biopic 'Control' and Riley accepts he has become synonymous with ''unhappy'' parts and his family want him to take on a role which is less serious.

He said: ''I'd like to do a comedy. My grandfather doesn't understand why I'm always playing unhappy people. He thinks I'm funny but no casting directors in London agree with him, obviously.''

Although it was very challenging to portray Curtis - who committed suicide in May 1980 at the age of just 23 - he only has good memories of the filmmaking experience on 'Control' because he met his German actress wife Alexandra Maria Lara on the set although it led to him being inundated with offers to play musicians, all of which he has spurned.

However, there is one musical role that could tempt him.

Riley said: ''I look back on 'Control' very fondly. I met my wife on it. I've turned down playing a lot of musicians in the past ten years - but if the guy who did 'La La Land' wants to do a musical in the North of England, I'd be available.''

'Free Fire' opens in cinemas on March 31.