Soul great Sam Moore once turned his beautiful ballerina girlfriend into a hooker - so the two of them could afford regular supplies of heroin.

The SAM + DAVE star refuses to name names, but he still aches for the way his ex became involved in his sordid world after initially just wanting to help the SOUL MAN singer.

Moore reveals he realised he was hooked on heroin in the late 1960s and he battled his addiction for 20 years before beating it in the early 1980s.

He recalls, "I was living in the Times Square area (New York) and my girlfriend and I moved into this flea-bitten hotel.

"You gotta understand this is a girl that was once an up-and-coming ballerina. She has beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. She was a beautiful lady.

"Well, she got hooked up there with me. She's trying to help me but she's getting caught up in my drug world. The lowest part was she turned to prostitution to keep our habit going and she would bring the dope in.

"She'd also get up there for all these wet T- shirt nights and I'd play for the pimps and the drug dealers for drug money. That was my rock bottom."

30/01/2004 08:58