Skyfall director Sam Mendes has released a video blog from the set of the new James Bond movie, giving fans an insight into the shooting of the film. As well as seeing glimpses of interesting scenes, Mendes also gave his reason for directing a Bond film and his thoughts on current 007 Daniel Craig.

'The roots of me doing this Bond movie start way before anybody approached me because, like everyone else, have my own personal relationship with Bond, which began when I was, I suppose, about nine or ten years old. So, you know, I've always been a fan of the movies,' he reveals.

He goes on to praise Craig: 'I was genuinely blown away by Casino Royale and I thought that A), Martin Campbell [the director] had a brilliant job but also because of Daniel. I felt like he was a real man in a real situation again and he reminded me of the way I felt when I watched the Sean Connery movies. So, for me, it was not actually that difficult a decision.'

Mendes is known for directing the acclaimed films American Beauty; Jarhead and Revolutionary Road, which were all American productions. He mentions this in his blog: 'Ironically, I've never made an English movie. I've made six movies and this is the first time I've shot in this country, which is an extraordinary thing, so I feel like the American years were my apprenticeship for doing the Bond movie.'

Skyfall is expected to be released in October 2012.