Director Sam Mendes is desperate to turn cult comic book PREACHER into a movie - if only he could find the perfect script.
The American Beauty filmmaker was rumoured to be working on bringing the graphic novel to the big screen, but he admits the project is, for now, just a dream.
He tells, "I'd love to make Preacher. But there's no script.
"This is a typical (industry paper) Variety announcement. 'Mendes to direct Preacher' - I wish! Basically they should have written, 'Mendes in development with Preacher'. What I'm doing is, I've gotta find a script. I've just got to get it written."
But Mendes insists he is working hard to turn it into a reality because he's a huge fan of the series, about rebellious preacher Jesse Custer who embarks on a quest to find God and hold him accountable for crimes against humanity."
He adds, "It's brilliant, it's an incredible twisted vision. There's so much of it you couldn't possibly fit it all into one movie. It's just about what you keep and what you leave out, and how you structure the story.
"But just to have that toy set again, being able to paint on a big canvas and to say, 'I am gonna do crazy crane shots and massive action sequences again because I want to,' it's exciting."