Glamour model-turned-popstar Samantha Fox was lucky to escape a serious car accident on an icy Swedish motorway with only minor injuries.

The TOUCH ME (I WANT YOUR BODY) beauty lay trapped in the overturned JEEP with her lesbian lover MYRA STRATTON after their journey from Stockholm to Arlanda airport went horribly wrong.

Fox says, "I'm lucky to be alive. The car veered out of control and flew into terrifying flying somersaults. We were flung around like rag dolls and lay trapped inside. I could smell petrol and was terrified it would explode.

"The doors were jammed shut. The car was a total write-off. It is incredible that none of us were more seriously hurt or killed."

Fox was eventually freed by firemen and treated by paramedics along with her lover, their male driver and two female companions.

28/02/2005 14:32