'The Only Way Is Essex' star Sam Faiers has attacked her currently suspended co-star Lauren Goodger, saying in an interview that the show wouldn't suffer without her should she end up not coming back. Goodger is currently away from the program following a rumoured bust up with the producers, and though Faiers claimed she knew as much as anyone else regarding the temperamental star's future, she certainly didn't hold back on letting New Magazine know what she wanted to be the outcome.
"I reckon she's been told to rein it in," said Faiers when asked whether she thought she would be kicked off the program, estimating that the alleged bust-up happened after the London Marathon and adding "apparently, she had a few drinks and was abusive to them." However, Faiers was soon giving her cast mate a good old tongue lashing after being asked if Goodger was turning into a bit of a diva.
"You know what, the way she speaks to people and the producers sometimes," she stormed, continuing "There's no need to be rude. I don't think the show [has made her like that], I just think that's Lauren's nature - no offence [laughs]. And she's really bad at turning up on time for filming, which gives everyone the hump." Then, when asked if the show would suffer without her, she said "I don't think it would. The show must go on," before admitting "I don't speak to her on a friend level."