Sam Claflin used to kiss a picture of Pamela Anderson before he went to bed.

The 31-year-old actor - who has two-year-old son Pip with pregnant wife Laura Haddock - was ''obsessed'' with the 'Baywatch' actress when he was younger and was convinced he'd grow up to marry her.

Asked his first crush, he told Empire magazine: ''It was Pamela Anderson in 'Baywatch'. I can't remember how young I was but I'm pretty sure I was too young to be watching it.

''I was completely obsessed. She was the love of my life. I even had a picture of her on my bedside table that I'd kiss before I went to bed, in the hope that one day we would be wed.''

Despite his own fame, the 'Me Before You' actor still gets starstruck and admitted he was too ''nervous'' to be introduced to David and Victoria Beckham when they were at the same party because he had idolised them for so long.

He said: ''It was one of the first Hollywood parties I'd ever been to, the big pre-Oscar partiy that my agency throws.

''I remember walking in there and there was Gerard Butler, Sean Penn, Robert Downey Jr., Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie... Then my agent said, 'Oh, David's here'.

''I turned around and there were David and Victoria Beckham. And that was the moment. Them as a couple is just everything to me because I was obsessed with David Beckham as a footballer and with the Spice Girls too. ''I was too nervous to even be introduced.''

Sam also revealed he used an unusual technique to impress girls when he was younger.

Asked his favourite word, he said: ''I love the word quaint. At school, I tried to impress girls by opening the dictionary and choosing a word each day, to throw into the mix and sound more intelligent than I was.

''And quaint was the first word I ever found. It was my first 'posh' word, I 'll call it.

''It's my way of life now, I live a very quaint life.''