Sam Claflin bonded with his 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay' co-star Stef Dawson over Twitter before they met.

The hunk plays District Four tribute Finnick Odair while Dawson stars as his love interest Annie Cresta in the adaptation of Suzanne Collins' trilogy, and after casting was announced he was keen to speak to the actress online before they met on set.

Claflin told Digital Spy: ''We got in touch via tweet immediately when the news broke.

''The moment she set foot on the 'Mockingjay' set, the two of us are like best of mates. She's great.''

Although Dawson's alter-ego Cresta was reaped to participate in the 75th Hunger Games, shown in 'Catching Fire', an older tribute volunteered to enter the deadly Games in her place, but she has a bigger part in the follow-up which is split into two films.

Claflin - who hits the big screen in horror 'The Quiet Ones' - insists his jam-packed schedule means his new-found fame is yet to affect his everyday lifestyle.

He added: ''I've been hidden away in a hotel or on set every day, or publicising 'The Quiet Ones'.

''Very rarely have I shared the opportunity to go out and strut my stuff.''