Salt-N-Pepa star SANDRA 'PEPA' DENTON's string of bad break-ups and abusive relationships helped her live up to her fiery nickname in the group, according to a new memoir.
The 1990s hip-hop star's decade-long romance with a mystery man left her needing to wear an eye patch, according to her new tell-all Let's Talk About Pep, written with author Karen Hunter.
Denton tells of her violent relationship with a man identified only as Brad, and reveals the couple had a brawl at the home of actor Omar Epps, during which she was thrown onto a glass coffee table and nearly pushed down the stairs.
She recalls of another incident: "I had the hot iron in my hand and he had a handful of my hair. He grabbed the hand with the iron in it and was pushing (it) toward my face... He ended up pressing that hot iron against my other arm. I heard my flesh sizzling, and the smell was sickening. I started screaming from the pain. He dropped the iron and I turned to run, and his nail swiped across my eyeball and shredded my cornea."
But the Shoop singer, 40, learned quickly how to defend herself.
She adds of a night out with pals, male hip-hop duo Kids 'n Play, that quickly spun out of control: "Play tried to clown me at the table... Everyone started laughing. I got up and grabbed him by his collar and dragged him down the whole length of the table, knocking everybody's food and drink onto the floor. Play never made fun of me again."
The book, including an introduction by Queen Latifah and an epilogue by Missy Elliott, hit shelves in August (08).