Salt-N-Pepa star SANDRA 'PEPA' DENTON wants to turn her tell-all book into a feature film about the rap act's rise to fame.
The 1990s hip-hop star published her memoir Let's Talk About Pep last month (Aug08), detailing her abusive relationship history and touching on her stardom alongside Cheryl 'Salt' Wray and their DJ, Deidra 'Dee Dee' Roper.
She tells WENN: "Salt and I talk about that all the time. It's the Salt-N-Pepa story plus my story. Salt was like, 'I haven't gotten to tell my story.' And I was like, 'You'll tell it in a movie.'
"It's a story that needs to be told. It's that girl-next-door (story) - people would identify with it. It would make a great movie - very juicy."
And Denton admits she already has a sexy young actress in mind to play her younger-self: "I would probably have someone play me in the younger years, and I would star as myself. Meagan Good could play me in my younger years. She reminds me of (myself)."