Author Salman Rushdie scrapped a trip to Calcutta, India to promote the film adaptation of his book Midnight's Children on Wednesday (30Jan13) over security issues.

The writer is in the country to accompany director Deepa Mehta on a promotional tour to help push the movie, and the pair appeared at a press conference in Mumbai on Tuesday (29Jan13).

They were scheduled to fly to Calcutta on Wednesday, but following reports of Muslim protesters gathering at the airport, the planned visit was scrapped.

Rushdie remains a controversial figure in India since the release of his 1988 book The Satanic Verses, which is banned in the country due to its depiction of Muslim prophet Muhammad.

The latest incident comes a year after Rushdie pulled out of attending the Jaipur Literary Festival last January (12) when police learned of an alleged plot by religious extremists to kill him.