Author Salman Rushdie has accused Indian police officials of lying about an alleged assassination plot to keep him away from a literary festival in the country.
The writer, who has faced protests over his controversial 1988 book The Satanic Verses, which is banned in India due to its depiction of Muslim prophet Muhammad, was set to appear at the Jaipur Literary Festival on Friday (20Jan12).
He cancelled the trip after police contacted him to claim they had received intelligence which suggested extremists were planning to assassinate him, telling fans, "While I have some doubts about the accuracy of this intelligence, it would be irresponsible of me to come to the festival in such circumstances... Will do video link instead."
However, a report published by The Hindu newspaper suggests the plot was invented by cops to ensure Rushdie stayed away from the event, and the writer has now taken to to comment on the story.
He writes, "'Rajasthan police invented plot to keep away Rushdie' I've investigated, & believe that I was indeed lied to. I am outraged and very angry.
"Don't know who gave orders. And yes I guess the same police who want to arrest (Indian authors) Hari (Kunzru), Amitava (Ghosh), Jeet (Thayil) and Ruchir (Joshi). Disgusting."