LATEST: Pakistan has waded into the controversy surrounding author Salman Rushdie's knighthood, joining neighbour Iran in pouring scorn on the British government. The writer was included in British monarch Queen Elizabeth II's Honours List on Saturday (16Jun07) but the accolade has been slammed by Iran as anti-Islamic. The country took offence to Rushdie's Muslim references in controversial 1988 work The Satanic Verses, and issued a fatwa against him a year later. Now Pakistan has voiced its discontent over the knighthood, with the country's parliament today (18Jun07) unanimously opposing the honour. Parliamentary affairs minister Sher Afgan says, "This house strongly condemns the title of Sir awarded to Salman Rushdie. "We demand from Britain to refrain from such acts which hurt the sentiments of Muslims and take back the title of Sir given to Rushdie." The Islamic republic's capital Islamabad was the scene of violent riots against The Satanic Verses in 1989, during which five people were killed.