Indian film star Salman Khan failed to show up in court on charges of killing two antelope last week (15DEC05), because he was in pain following a hair appointment.

Lawyers for the actor told the Mumbai (Bombay) High Court on Thursday, the 40-year-old Bollywood star was recovering from hair implants after he failed to attend his trial all week.

The actor is accused of killing two blackbucks - a protected species of Indian antelope - in Jodhpur in 1998.

The STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART (HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM) star's lawyer DIPESH MEHTA says, "Salman Khan had just returned from Dubai and undergone hair-weaving treatment.

"He was also suffering from flu and not feeling well."

After the judge cancelled his bail, he demanded the actor attend court in Jodhpur tomorrow (20DEC05) or face arrest.

Mehta adds, "The judge did not take it kindly and issued a warrant in his name. Mr Khan and I will now go to Jodhpur on 20 December, say sorry to the judge and request for the warrant to be cancelled."