Bollywood actress KATRINA KAIF has denied reports she was slapped by boyfriend Salman Khan during a recent trip to a coffee shop in Mumbai, India, dismissing the rumours as "utter rubbish". The Namastey London star has never publicly commented on her private life, but was forced to break her silence after media reports alleged she was the victim of abuse by actor Khan. She says, "Enough is enough, I have never talked about my personal life and don't intend to because I have always believed that what is personal is personal. But this is too much. The story that has appeared is utter rubbish and fabricated. "I suspect that it's being spread by people with vested interests and ulterior motives. I would like to repeat that nothing of this sort happened. Normally, I don't like to clarify but sometimes one has to take a stand and this is one of those times." It is not the first time Khan has been the subject of controversy. In August (07), he was arrested in Jodhpur airport in India after his appeal against his five-year jail sentence for killing an endangered species was rejected by a court. In 2002, he was charged with 10 counts in a hit-and-run case, including causing death by negligent driving.