Bollywood star Salman Khan has had homicide charges against him dropped, after a car he was allegedly driving killed one person and injured four others.

A high court in Bombay, India, ruled today (3SEP03) that culpable homicide charges against the actor should be dropped.

However, HELLO BROTHER actor Khan will still have to stand trial for a series of lesser charges pertaining to the incident in September 2002, when his TOYOTA LANDCRUISER crashed into a Bombay bakery at high speed in the early hours of the morning.

One person who had been sleeping on the pavement outside the bakery was killed, and four others were injured.

Mr Khan was arrested a day later, amid allegations he had been driving while heavily drunk.

The actor's lawyer Dipesh Mehta insists the charge of culpable homicide was unjustified as no-one drives with the intention to kill.

He says the lesser charges against Khan are not serious and will be heard in a minor court. The highest punishment he is likely to receive, if found guilty, is a fine or a reprimand.

The Indian press has often characterised Khan as a 'bad-boy' heart-throb. He was arrested by police in 1998 for supposedly shooting a protected species of deer on a hunt, and he has been accused of mistreatment by his ex-girlfriend, actress Aishwarya Rai.

03/09/2003 16:59