Salma Hayek and her husband are ''very romantic''.

The 'Savages' actress - who married Francois-henri Pinault three years ago - insists it doesn't just take grand gestures to prove love to one another and they like finding romance in the ''unexpected''.

She said: ''He's very romantic, and so am I. What's really romantic are the moments that are unexpected. You can fly somewhere overnight to make [being together] 'important,' but it's the little things of everyday life that count.

''Sometimes a laugh can be very romantic - or taking care of the other person and being generous with each other.''

Salma - who has four-year-old daughter Valentina with her spouse - admits she takes fashion advice from her husband, who is the CEO of PPR, which oversees fashion houses including Gucci and YVES SAINT LAURENT.

She told the new issue of America's InStyle magazine: ''I don't give my husband style advice.

''He gives it to me. He has a good eye for aesthetics, for architecture, art, furniture, watches - he just has great taste.''

The 45-year-old actress is incredibly happy at the moment because she has such a good balance between work and family life.

She said: ''I have created a very happy, healthy environment. This is who I am, and this is what I'm about. When a job is over, I go home to my life.

''Everything in my life right now is happiness.''